Why do we have kids’ classes outside?

Here in San Diego, we are grateful for the beautiful weather. It has allowed us to set up our Gymnastics and Parkour program for kids outdoors at parks and rec centers in the San Diego and Chula Vista communities. Our top-of-the-line outdoor recreational equipment serves athletes who have been in the sport for years as well as those trying gymnastics and parkour for the first time. 

Since 2020, Legacy Gymnastics Academy, a family-owned and operated business, has been working to find the right facility to house the best Gymnastics and Parkour spot in San Diego. We started LGA @ the Park in 2021 with the intention of bringing a one-of-a-kind outdoor program to families in San Diego.This gave us the opportunity to do what we love with the kids while we located our future LGA facility. 

Our #Gymnastics #Parkour and #Tumbling program for kids in #sandiego and #southsandiego has been a hit! It is the best outdoor kids’ program in San Diego and Chula Vista. Legacy Gymnastics and Parkour is dedicated to safely teach children to flip, learn, and evolve into the person we all strive to be. 

This amazing adventure brings many smiling faces while building relationships in the communities.

Join a class at LGA by enrolling today. Free trials are available!