Start your athletic adventure by enrolling today! Gymnasts develop strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination which benefits all sports. Explore with you little one and watch your athlete discover their legacy.

Recreational Classes

Little Explorers (walking-3 yrs) - Explore gymnastics in our designated preschool area! With help from our coaches, you will be guiding your explorer to learn how to stretch, balance, hop, roll, and climb safely. (30 Min, 10:1 Ratio) - $80 a month

Little Jumpers (ages 3-5) - Learn the fundamentals of gymnastics in a nurturing environment! Little Jumpers gain independence while coordinating motion and developing gross motor skills and balance. (30 Min, 6:1 Ratio) - $80 a month, (45 Min, 6:1 Ratio) - $100 a month

Gym Gliders (ages 5-6) - Our Gliders boost social and cognitive abilities while seeking skills on Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor (45 Min, 8:1 Ratio) - $100 a month

Gymnastics Level 1 (ages 6-9) (9+) - Athletes begin their gymnastics journey by building their strength, flexibility, and basic skills on all events. (55 Min, 8:1 Ratio) - $120 a month

Gymnastics Level 2 (ages 6+) - (Skill requirements) Gymnastics elevate techniques and skills while challenging their individual talent. (85 Min, 8:1 Ratio) - $140 a month

Tumbling (ages 10+) - Handstands and cartwheels and flips, oh my! It's great for cheerleaders or for those interested in flipping and sharpening tumbling skills. (55 Min, 10:1 Ratio) - $120 a month, (85 Min, 10:1 Ratio) - $140 a month

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Competitive Programs