Legacy Parkour offers programs that teach the quickest and most efficient way to navigate obstacles. Join a class or an open gym and discover your athletic movement through the levels of Ninja and Parkour. Watch your athlete fiercely, jump, flip, roll, and evolve!

Recreational Classes

Ninja Explorers (walking-3 yrs) - Explore parkour with your little ninjas! With help from our coaches, you will be guiding your explorer to learn how to balance, jump, climb, drop, and roll safely. (30 Min, 10:1 Ratio) - $80 a month

Ninja Tots (ages 3-5) - Ninja Tots practice safe falling and rolling techniques as well as maneuvering over obstacles efficiently and independently! (30 Min, 6:1 Ratio) - $80 a month (45 Min, 6:1 Ratio) - $100 a month 

Dino Ninjas (ages 5-6) - This fast-paced class dials in your parkour ninja skills such as speed, strength, and basic tumbling. (45 Min, 8:1 Ratio) - $100 a month 

 - Welcome all parkour athletes! Build awareness, balance, and coordination with progressions through proper vault, bar, and wall techniques. Flip and face new obstacles with confidence!

  • Parkour (ages 7-12) -  (55 Min, 8:1 Ratio) - $120 a month

  • Teen Parkour (ages 13 - 16) - (55 Min, 10:1 Ratio) - $120 a month

  • Adult Parkour (ages 16+) - (55 Min) - $30 per class

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