Confidence, where greatness begins!

Confidence, where greatness begins!
Our Pre-Team and Competitive Team Programs are structured for greatness. Our goal is to give your athlete the chance to reach their full potential. We recognize individual talent and customize our approach to optimize each athlete's ability. An invitation and an evaluation are required to enroll. Let us know if your athlete is interested.

Legacy Gymnastics Pre-Team

Tiny Bolts is for our youngest, talented athletes. We provide a fun and supportive environment to help develop basic skills and work on overall strength and flexibility.

Mighty Bolts is our next pre-team level. At LGA, we train our Mighty Bolts on level 2-3 skills from handstands on the beam to back handsprings on the floor. The goal is to achieve the skills needed to progress to the competitive level.

Legacy Gymnastics Competitive Team

Our team approach and positive atmosphere will not only give competitive team members the physical abilities needed to succeed, but the confidence to help them accomplish their goals. Currently, we are in the building phases of our competitive team. We train Compulsory (J.O.) and Xcel gymnasts who will compete in the USAG program. To join our team, an evaluation is required. Please email our gymnastics director at if you're interested.


Legacy Parkour Team

Legacy will have a parkour team in the near future. Please email our parkour director at if you're interested.